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After starting up we decided the best way to develop our seaweed multi-component platform was to initially focus on alginate, probably the best known component of brown seaweeds, and to do this through a new manufacturing process.

This new process was proved in a project based at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and we then progressed to a pilot scale which has again proved equally successful.

Using the development work of the past years, the company is now preparing a move to full scale production of alginate, based in the proximity of its local, Scottish, seaweed resource, using its new process to provide product quality putting MBL at the forefront of the market for this versatile natural polymer.

Having access to some of the best seaweed resources in any ocean, we are able to produce a broad range of alginates with different desired properties, such as gelling, thickening and with an emphasis on ease of use and quality consistency; also, our alginate process has been designed to ease our future move into other brown seaweed components.

MBL will also match its state of the art operations with sound and environmentally friendly practices, whether through sustainability in seaweed harvesting, or the adoption of low carbon intensity technologies.

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