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Our future plans are based around a move to full commercial scale manufacture of alginate (with an estimated timing of around the end of 2016 to be up and running), coupled with scaling up development of other brown seaweed components, several of which are potentially of very high value.

Our alginate plant will use MBL’s new, patented, process – this gives us advantages in speed, size, quality consistency and economics, and we believe this is a major step forward for the whole Alginate market and not only sustains existing uses but also opens up new ones as well.

MBL’s production unit will be based in Argyll on the west coast of the Scottish mainland, with the chosen location representing a good balance between raw material supplies and logistics to end customer markets. The scale of MBL’s first alginate facility – the plant will be developed modularly – will be close to 1000 tpa of finished dried product.

Beyond our first alginate line in Argyll we see many other opportunities, including the addition of further alginate modules , potential expansion in other parts of the world, where suitable seaweed supplies are available (we know that our process is versatile and is broadly applicable to brown seaweeds), and other seaweed components from the same input material.

The other components we are looking at are confidential but we can say that different general options are available to us, including other polysaccharides, anti-oxidant phenolics, proteins and even some higher value inorganic components. Development work is progressing well on several fronts

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