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Scottish Seaweed

Today, any producing business has to keep many aspects in mind beyond its production unit and, for MBL, none is more important than making sure we will harvest our key, and precious, natural raw material—brown seaweed—not only correctly and carefully, but also sustainably.

Fortunately, MBL is in a good position in intending to operate in Scottish waters, in that its annual seaweed needs, even to the longer term, will always be well within sustainable limits in relation to the naturally occurring stocks. Scottish coastal waters are ideal for seaweed growth, with cool sea temperatures and varying coastline types leading to the presence of a broad range of seaweed species having different living environments and different component mixes and properties.

Our future seaweed harvesting methodology, which has been developed in close co-operation and consultation with heritage and other environmental bodies, as well as with experts linked to Queen’s University Belfast ensures that no harvesting area will be visited too often, that varying and appropriate methods are used for each seaweed species to promote good recovery, and that sensitive fauna regions are avoided altogether.

By knowing exactly where our seaweed will come from, we will be able to re-assure customers not only on sustainability, but also on the link between our end products and seaweed provenance.

Scottish Seaweed Species

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