Seaweed — a hidden treasure

Welcome to the website of Marine Biopolymers Ltd (or as we call it MBL) and here you will learn more about us, what we do now and what we are going to do in the future.

In many parts of the world, seaweed is a well-known and widely used material which confers a wide range of “human benefits”, and we not only want to acknowledge that but we also want to go further and help unlock the hidden treasures that are the different components of seaweeds. By being able to extract the individual components of seaweed which have specific properties, we can develop them into a range of valuable products for a surprisingly broad range of end uses, and with enhanced “human benefits”.

These products are, and will be, MBL’s marine biopolymers, and our ambition is not only that we can develop products that we have already identified with enhanced “human use” benefits but that we continue to seek out new ones on an on-going basis.

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TSB Grant

MBL grant supported by the TSB

January 2014

MBL finishes that part of its Alginate Pilot Plant project which was grant supported… Read More

MBL Alginate Samples

MBL alginate samples now available

October 2013

MBL reaches a key milestone in its development, with the release of first alginate… Read More

MBL Seaweed Survey

MBL carries out seaweed survey

August 2013

MBL carries out a seaweed survey in Scottish waters, with the assistance of experts… Read More

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Our Natural

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Revolutionary Process


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Latest News

Latest News
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